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Content Creation

Provided graphic content for Instagram stories each week with compelling and on-brand narratives.


Build a recognisable tone of voice for brand channels and providing all copy for social channels.

Content Strategy

Strategising content aligned to the calendar including new product and collection launches, cultural events and consumer behaviour.


Sustainability content

Demonstrating shared values and helping the customer act sustainably enhances the emotional aspect of customer experience, and 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people. We always focus on positive climate news, to ensure we never instill fear or dread in our customers.

Reels and Stories

We keep the content fun, human and authentic by using interactive elements and a real, personable approach to content.

Check out their Instagram page to see more!

Panoramic Scenery

Visual Content

I have created a natural and aspirational Instagram feed with imagery shot by myself. We have used these images and video content across feed, reels and stories.

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