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LOTTIE Wressell

Social Media Co-ordinator

"I consider myself a Creative, with a slight obsession for Social Media.

I’ve watched and grown up along these digital platforms, taking in the scope and power social media has to transform lives, businesses, and even the world. To be involved in that transformation, whether it is to support a brand, a person or a campaign is just an incredible journey to be a part of."

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MABEL Goulden

Hey, I'm Mabel. About me? I spent the last 5 years spending far too long on Instagram than the recommended daily amount. I'm a passionate story-teller and content creator, it's my career as well as my hobby. 


Creativity is a trait I value in myself, having studied theatre and art in the past, but what I value most is my drive and can-do attitude. I definitely consider myself a ‘do-er’ and hate to stand still.

Being a freelancer has offered me a chance to get involved in a diverse range of projects and opportunities. Now I'm on a mission to grow Social Flex into a full network of like-minded creatives.

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Founder and Managing Director
"Social Flex" Mabel Goulden FZE LLC

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YASH Argawal

Social Media Co-ordinator

"I am experienced in helping people DOMINATE their social media, whether that is creating compelling content or strategically managing a page. I have worked closely with many brands, and have organically grown high-profile client pages significantly. In my free time, I love making memes and puns. Here's one: You know what a marketer's favourite drink is?  It's "Brand"-y

A typical day in my life: Wake up, use social media, sleep, repeat"

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Social Media Co-ordinator

"I've worked with a wide variety of brands and created innovative and effective social media strategies that drive engagement, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, generate revenue. I have partnered up with several beauty brands, fashion labels, premium F&B marketplaces and public figures, and have organically brought their socials to the next level. I love that social media is constantly changing – keeping up with trends and brainstorming creative ideas keeps me entertained!'


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