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What Is a UGC Creator – And Is It a Sustainable Career?

If you’re based in Dubai and on social media, you’ve probably heard about UGC (user-generated content) and the money some creators are making from it. But what is UGC exactly? It's simply original content created by a brand’s customers that is published on social media or other online channels.

While TikTok has brought UGC to the forefront, there are different types of UGC that brands are interested in, including video content, organic social media content, reviews and testimonials, and blog posts.

When it comes to UGC creators, they specialize in creating UGC-like content for brands, whether that’s static images or videos. However, UGC creators aren't producing 100% organic content, as they are getting paid by brands to produce content that’s inspired by the authentic look and feel of UGC.

So why is UGC trending? It may be due to social media platforms prioritizing more personality-based, lo-fi videos, which has made brands scramble to get more 'real' content for their social feeds. As TikTokers and other creators start to make money producing this kind of content, they’re excited to share their success with their followers.

Is UGC a sustainable career? It's hard to say. While UGC creators are currently in demand, it's important to note that UGC may not always be a trending topic. However, building a portfolio of UGC-like content can be a great addition to your content creation skillset.

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