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Letting personality shine through

Working on The Bottle Club social media has been a pleasure, as it is a brand that has so much personality and fun. We have amplified this through the social media marketing strategy I have created. 

Bartender Pouring Cocktail

Key Category focus

The client mentioned to me that a key category that lacks marketing exposure is their barware. I created a social campaign that is educational and informative content 'Mixology 101'. We showcase the products while inspiring the viewer to become the master mixologist they always aspired to be. 

Navigating Packshots on Social

Being an online marketplace, it's a total mix of brands with great assets, and those without anything at all. To solve this challenge, I created a weekly series that features product packshots in a unique way.  View their page to see more.


Full Account Management

All social media marketing communications are managed. We use weekly giveaways, interactive stories and aspirational visual content to build an exciting and engaged community of experimental drinkers. 

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