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Today, every entity needs and online presence. Social media literacy is a key skill for brand owners, marketeers, public figures, influencers and more. Through exclusive courses and resources, my aim is to share the skills I've learnt through learning material created by myself. Sign up to be notified:

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Create a WOW-WORTHY 
social media
marketing PORTFOLIO 
that wins clients. 

It is always a pleasure to help my followers with their own portfolios so I'm now pleased to offer this info in a course format that can explain it much better than a simple DM on Instagram.

Available now - 100% FREE

Working with Laptop

This course is a necessity for anyone who wants to build presence online. In the course, we cover the fundamental ideas behind building a social media strategy for all major platforms.

Available now!

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Working with Laptop

The world's most talked-about algorithm, explained.

Enrol in this video masterclass for everything you need to know about getting started on TikTok. This session is suitable for creators, brands or social media managers.

Available now!

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Identify and Attract your
dream clients

The number one reason many talented creatives don't go down the freelance route is fear of not having any work to do. In this course, we explore how to find clients you love to work with and who love to work with you.


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